7 benefits of Golden West email

7 benefits of Golden West email

An email address is almost as important as a postal address these days. It’s used to send, receive, and manage information, as well as to authenticate your identity for online accounts.

Every Golden West internet subscriber is assigned a Golden West email address at no additional charge, with the option to add a second email address. More than two email addresses can also be added for a small monthly fee.

These days not everyone takes full advantage of Golden West’s complimentary email address options. Instead, some use another provider, such as Google Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, or Yahoo Mail. Here are seven benefits to using the 8GB of storage your Golden West email address provides.


  1. Local customer support.
    For help with things like setting up email on a new device or to ask about a questionable message, the Golden West Help Desk is always available. Call 1-855-888-7777, option 1, and someone in South Dakota will answer. Good luck calling Gmail or Yahoo. You can also visit the email support page or use web chat.
  2. Safe virus filtering.
    For your safety, all incoming email is scanned for viruses and other malicious software and harmful attachments.
  3. Secure spam filtering.
    Golden West’s spam filter will automatically keep most unwanted spam and junk mail at bay. To make it easier or harder for certain messages to reach your inbox, your spam filter settings can be customized.
  4. Retrieve deleted messages.
    Whether a message was blocked or delivered to your inbox and then deleted, you can restore it up to 90 days later. Go to your spam filter, log in, click on the Reporting tab to see the history, and select the message to resend.
  5. Webmail access.
    Want to check your email on a friend’s computer or at a hotel or library? Webmail allows for quick access without the need for set up.
  6. Sort messages by email account.
    It doesn’t have to be either Golden West or Gmail – use both. Use Gmail or another provider for marketing messages, for example, and your Golden West email for personal business.
  7. Keep your email address.
    You can take your Golden West email address with you for a small monthly fee if you move outside the service territory or cancel your internet service.


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