Couple makes big impact with simple safe roadside solutions

Couple makes big impact with simple safe roadside solutions 

Karen Leisinger

It’s easy to miss the hard work of the Leisinger family. They sow the seeds of safety along highways and interstates near Hartford and across South Dakota. 

“One of the best things about the job is when you drive by something that you had worked on. It’s very gratifying to know that you’ve helped make it look complete,” says Karen Leisinger. 

Dave and Karen Leisinger own and operate Total Till & Seed and Guardrail Enterprises, Inc. For over 25 years, they have been seeding a green landscape along roadways and protecting everyone who drives by with safe guardrails. 

They began by planting grass to prevent erosion and create environmentally friendly roadsides. After realizing they were the first to the job and the last to leave, the Leisingers started their second business installing and repairing guardrails.

The Leisingers chose to serve the area they call home. They established their business with the support of their community.

“We love working with all the other businesses in the Hartford area,” Karen says. “We utilize them for as many things as we possibly can. We’ve made good friends with a lot of them, and we don’t want to go anywhere else.” 

With their home base in the Hartford area, the Leisingers travel to wherever the job takes them, having worked on all sorts of projects, including large projects along Interstate 90, 29, and 229. On some days, their work takes them to a dozen locations.

Karen says that each day brings a new adventure to help. The ever-changing pace of business brings learning experiences with a lot of variety. 

Even so, the Leisinger’s service from Golden West constantly keeps them connected to their work. “We would not be in business without Golden West’s high-speed internet, or their phone services, or their fax,” Karen says.  

Business isn’t always easy, but dependable services and quality connections make everything easier. Likewise, the Leisingers thank their employees for helping them make their business what it is today. Many have worked with them for decades. 

“We couldn’t do it without our employees, and we are very appreciative of their work,” Karen says.  

In the future, the Leisinger’s sons will take the wheel and pave the way for safety and a clean environment. “We are excited to see where they take the company next.” 



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