Beyond Google: Test search engines, then choose a favorite

Beyond Google: Try different search engines before choosing a favorite

Search engines play an essential role in life today. Whether it be searching for a certain product, booking a family vacation, or finding a new dinner recipe, a search engine is often where it begins.

A search engine is a website people use to find specific information online. Search engines are generally associated with a certain web browser. For example, by default Google Chrome uses the Google search engine when terms are typed into the navigation bar. However, this can be changed within the browser settings or searchers can try a different engine by visiting the specific site.

Today’s most popular search engines in order of use are Google, Bing, and Yahoo! Another popular option is DuckDuckGo. Each engine has its own unique interface and features.

Google is the king of all search engines with an estimated 80% of searchers using it. Their success comes from their ability to provide users with higher-quality results in a shorter time period. Google’s algorithm is also more sophisticated and has more access to other data compared to other search engines.
Bing was released in 2009 by Microsoft, the American software company. Previously, Microsoft’s search engine was called Live Search and wasn’t performing well against Google and Yahoo! Bing can be known as a “decision-maker” for the user, as it’s set up to help users make fast, informed decisions. Users also enjoy the benefits of Bing Rewards, where users earn credits for using Bing’s search engine and new features.
Yahoo! has a much more decorated homepage than other search engines, where they feature news, shopping, email, and other features for users. They also allow users to directly compose an email from their search box. Overall, Yahoo!’s search engine attracts users as its additional features make it convenient for the user.
DuckDuckGo is a search engine that protects searchers’ privacy from data profiles, the government, and other legal requests. Whereas users of other search engines must use special browsing modes, such as launching an “Incognito Window” in Chrome, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track the searcher at all. Every time someone uses the search engine, it’s as if no one was there.


Choose search engine based on preference & needs

In the end, choosing what search engine is best for you usually depends on what you personally prefer and what search engine meets your needs. Some users prefer more privacy, so they may go with DuckDuckGo. Others prefer a decorative and appealing search engine, so they may choose Yahoo! Still others enjoy the clean interface and personalized results of Google. The good news is that all options can be downloaded at no cost.

If you’re having trouble determining which search engine is best for you, ask yourself these questions:

  • What am I hoping to find?
  • Do I mind if the search engine keeps track of my activity, or do I want more privacy?
  • Do I prefer having multiple options available on my screen or something simpler and more organized?

Don’t hesitate to try more than one search engine, especially for more complicated or important searches. It may be easier to settle on a preferred engine after experimenting.

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