8 Ways Cable Simplifies TV Viewing

8 Ways Cable Simplifies TV Viewing

Even as streaming services have expanded viewing options over a high-speed internet connection, cable service remains the simplest way to view TV.

Cable TV has been a mainstay in American homes for decades, and this stability is one of the platform’s biggest advantages. Cable service from Golden West remains an excellent choice for both casual and diehard viewers.

Here are eight ways cable simplifies TV viewing.

1. Get all your channels in one place. With cable TV, you don’t have to switch back and forth between different services to access your favorite channels, and the sheer variety of programming eclipses that available elsewhere.

2. You eliminate subscription fatigue. Competition for programming means you’ll have to subscribe to multiple streaming services to access all your favorite shows. With over 270 streaming options available, it’s
difficult to keep track of which service offers what.

3. You only have one bill to pay. Multiple streaming providers send multiple bills, and costs add up quickly. What seems like a good deal initially often ends up being more expensive than cable.

4. You’ll be able to watch live TV. Cable competitors rarely offer live television, and those who do usually charge extra for it. Live TV is essential if you want to watch the news, sporting events, awards shows, and more.

5. You have flexible viewing options. Digital Video Recording (DVR) service allows you to record shows for viewing later. With certain set-top boxes, DVR allows you to restart any program within the last 24 hours or more without the need for prerecording.

6. You can still watchTVeverywhere. Golden West subscribers can also watch live and prerecorded programs on phones, computers, and tablets for free anywhere there is an internet connection with watchTVeverywhere. It’s like a streaming service without the cost.

7. You have access to customer and technical service. Golden West representatives are available for questions and troubleshooting. Dedicated staff located within South Dakota are trained thoroughly on our products and services and committed to resolving issues quickly.

8. We’re a local company. Unlike giant corporations such as Amazon, Disney, and Apple, Golden West is a member-owned cooperative that provides jobs and pays taxes in your community. You can feel good about doing business with us.

For more information on Digital Cable TV andchannel listings, visit goldenwest.com/cable.




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