Why Shopping Local Matters More Than Ever

Why Shopping Local Matters More Than Ever

Even in a normal year, shopping local makes a difference. With the challenges of 2020, it’s more important than ever to support businesses in your community.

Some Golden West communities like Dell Rapids, Hartford and Martin have benefited from a resurgence in local shopping. Sales tax collections there have increased as more people work from home and limit travel to stay safe during the pandemic.

Spending dollars locally this holiday season is one way to help pave the way for a brighter year in 2021. Here are six reasons to shop local:

• Unique Products & Offers

Every community has interesting shopping opportunities in places like the coffee shop, convenience store or local newspaper and more.

• Friendly Service. You run into local business owners all around town, so their service often extends well beyond the sale. Forging relationships with them helps foster deep connections that often last a lifetime.

• Local Expertise

Local business owners are also knowledgeable, and supporting these businesses helps ensure the knowledge remains available for you in the future.

Support the Business. When you spend dollars locally, you’re helping to boost the local economy. Your support allows these businesses, in turn, to contribute to a variety of community causes and organizations.

• Create Jobs

Extra income for a business leads to jobs for your community, which increases the overall tax base. When these employees also spend their income in the community, the benefits compound.

• Grow Sales Tax Revenue

A small percentage of every purchase you make in your community comes back in sales tax receipts. Communities use these funds for things like fixing streets, maintaining and developing parks and ensuring public safety with police and fire support.

Shopping local is a win-win for everybody. Do your part this season to help make the holidays brighter for your local community!

Photo Credit: The Mason Jar Boutique, Dell Rapids




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