Use Wi-Fi to Water, Grill & Chill

Use Wi-Fi to Water, Grill & Chill

After a harsh South Dakota winter, we’re all ready for sunshine and backyard barbecues. Wiling away the hours swaying in a hammock or floating on the lake sounds great, but they aren’t all “lazy days of summer.”  Chores don’t come to a screeching halt just because the thermometer reads 80 degrees.

Fortunately, technology can help! Smart devices paired to your home Wi-Fi can simplify your summer.

Keep Your Cool With A/C Controls

Summer temperatures are great for outdoor recreation but come with a (literal) price: higher energy costs. Your A/C works hard during those summer scorchers. A smart thermostat will boost efficiency and keep you comfortable. Program a schedule to avoid cooling an empty house, and you’ll enjoy lower utility bills without sacrificing comfort.

Got window-mounted individual air conditioners instead? No problem. Smart aircon controllers allow you to monitor the temperature anywhere and turn them on or off remotely. Most devices come with temperature and humidity sensors and programmable timers for added convenience.

Smart blinds are another great way to keep your house cool and save you a few dollars. Install these in rooms with large windows, especially those facing south, to control the natural light entering your home. Program them to open and close at specified times or sync them with sunrise and sunset.

Water, Water Everywhere

When the weather warms up, water use rises, too. People aren’t the only ones who get thirsty: lawns, gardens, and flowerbeds need moisture, too. Dragging a hose around is cumbersome and inefficient, and while
sprinklers work fine, chances are you’ve forgotten to move them or turn them off, resulting in wasted water.

Smart sprinkler controllers provide precise control of how much water your lawn and plants receive based on soil, topography, and weather. Using Wi-Fi, they analyze local weather data to prevent overwatering: if it has rained, you won’t end up with a saturated yard or garden. You’ll enjoy lower water bills and happy plants while making your neighbors “green” with envy.

Don’t have a built-in irrigation system? You can still take charge of watering with a smart hose timer. This connects directly to your faucet and provides the same benefits as a sprinkler controller at a lower cost.

Chillin’ and Grillin’

There’s nothing better than freshly grilled meat once it’s warm enough to fire up the smoker. Even the most ardent barbecue enthusiast will admit that perfecting brisket, ribs, and chicken requires a mix of skill and luck.

Improve your odds of turning out succulent steaks and drool-worthy pulled pork with a smart grill. They enable you to monitor the status of your meat over your smartphone. Adjust the cooking temperature, smoke intensity, and more without even lifting the lid. Sensors tell when your pellets are running low or your roast is approaching medium rare.

Prices vary considerably; you can spend a few hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on whether you’re an occasional game day tailgater or a pitmaster in training. You’ll still have to master that dry rub on your own, though.




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