Two, Fore, Six, Eight, MR. Golf Car is Doing Great!

Two, Fore, Six, Eight, MR. Golf Car is Doing Great!

Marlyn Palsma and Richie Ludens, co-owners of MR. Golf Car

Driving through Springfield, you probably wouldn’t be surprised to see friendly faces or the beautiful chalky bluffs that overlook Lewis and Clark Lake on the Missouri River. However, a golf cart driving down the road with a load of groceries in the back might turn a few heads.

“[When COVID hit,] we got busier than we were before,” Cindy Ludens, co-owner of MR. Golf Car, explains. “People were looking for that golf car to go golfing, to the campgrounds, or even to go grab groceries or the mail.”

Cindy, her husband Richie, and Marlyn and Shelly Palsma— co-owners in the venture — were featured on the cover of the July 2013 edition of Golden West’s Horizons newsletter. Eight and a half years later, they continue to grow and provide people all over the world with the golf cars they desire.

Cindy Ludens, co-owner of MR. Golf Car

Can’t be Slowed Down 

When most small businesses experienced a lull in traffic after COVID-19 first hit, MR. Golf Car’s sales boomed. As people itched to get out and about, they realized that a golf car was a great way to do it.

“The last couple years have been crazy,” Cindy explains. “It seems like we can’t put new cars out fast enough.”

MR. Golf Car continues to see an increase in sales. Most of the sales occur over the phone while customers browse the website ( or through email, where staff forward pictures based on customers’ descriptions of what they are seeking. The business relies on Golden West for their phone and internet services so they can keep up with the demand.

David & Michael, MR. Golf Car employees

A Reliable Staff 

Over the past 29 years that MR. Golf Car has been in business, the company has been able to keep a consistent staff. For the Ludens, it’s a family venture. Cindy serves as the business manager; Richie mans the parts sales; son Michael works on detailing the cars and updating the webpage; and his brother, David, handles the customer sales.

Marlyn also continues to do the roadwork for the business, servicing and delivering cars to customers in a service radius of 100 to 150 miles. The rest of the staff includes two mechanics, a part-time cleaner, and a part-time office assistant who helps Cindy answer phones and complete paperwork during the summer months.

Upgrades to the Cars 

In 2017, MR. Golf Car’s best-selling brand, E-Z-GO, came out with a new lithium battery. These new cars don’t have the lead-acid battery that most older model golf cars have, making them a maintenance-free car. MR. Golf Car offers these models in new and used conditions. Cindy explains that although E-Z-GO is their best seller, they also have other models, such as Yamaha and Club Car, available.

And in case you were wondering, Cindy explains that manufacturers refer to golf cars as what you drive and carts as what you pull.

Don’t be nervous about purchasing a used vehicle. The two mechanics on site check every used car that comes through to ensure each is in tip-top condition.

A Car for Everyone 

The most exciting aspect of buying a new or used golf car from MR. Golf Car is the complete customization available to customers. The crew can adjust almost every piece of design in the cars including the body, seats, and wheels.

“Customers want to be different than their next-door neighbor,” Cindy elaborates. “David usually spends most of his time in sales helping a customer customize their car to their liking.”

After the cars are ordered, it typically takes a couple of days to fit them to the customer’s specifications. However, this is entirely dependent on the number of interruptions the office experiences and the availability of parts. Cindy often tells customers that cars take a minimum of two weeks to be finished.


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