The Great Outdoors Called … and Amanda Wood Answered 

The Great Outdoors Called … and Amanda Wood Answered 

Amanda Wood, Golden West Field Service Technician

In honor of National Women’s History Month, meet one of Golden West’s many accomplished female employees.  

On March 1, Amanda Wood joined the company’s predominantly male field service technician team.  

“I think it’s awesome being the only woman working in a male-dominant field,” Amanda remarks. “All our personalities mesh so well.” 

Finding Her Groove 

Amanda grew up in the rural town of Edgemont. Shortly after finishing high school, she joined Golden West as a help desk technician. At first, it felt like this was her calling.  

“I have a techy mindset,” Amanda says. “I just love electronics, and I was always kind of the computer guru in our household when I was younger.” 

After working at the help desk for a year, Amanda was promoted to member service and sales specialist, where she learned that she also enjoyed customer service. Amanda worked in this position for five years before feeling a need to travel and explore the country.  

Amanda moved first to Texas and then Wyoming, selling cars as her primary occupation. It was in this line of work that she discovered she loved working outdoors as opposed to being confined inside an office. Finding this niche gave her new criteria to use when searching for her next job. 

Moving Closer to Home 

While in Wyoming, Amanda began to reminisce about living in South Dakota with the Black Hills, lakes, and rivers offering close-by recreational opportunities. She began looking for jobs in the Hot Springs area so she could return home to raise her two daughters, Isabella and Amelia. She was drawn to a position offered by a familiar company. 

“I saw Golden West was hiring,” she explains. “They were such a good company to work for, so I thought I’d try it.”  

Amanda applied for the field service technician position in Hot Springs.

Her passion for the outdoors and combination of customer service and technology experience convinced Amanda the position was right up her alley. Initially hired as a temp, Amanda showcased her skills and was subsequently hired on full-time. It was a victory not only for Amanda, but for Golden West, as well. Despite the co-op’s strong efforts to recruit women, there traditionally aren’t a lot of female applicants in the field.  
Fitting Right In 

Growing up with five brothers and a sister, Amanda claims to be familiar with working alongside both men and women. She also loves working in a space that is not as confined as an office, granting her more freedom to move around while working.  

Amanda credits her customer service knowledge to her previous role as a member service and sales specialist.  

“Golden West trained me well on the customer service aspect,” she elaborates. “They showed me how to deal with all types of situations, good and bad.” 

One of her favorite aspects of being out in the field is knowing what she can fix. She also enjoys meeting new people and creating new connections with Golden West customers.  

Together, Amanda — and Golden West — prove there is no limit to what determined women can accomplish! 


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