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Stream Free!

Streaming services abound with new additions Disney+ and Apple TV+, and established giants Hulu, Amazon Prime, YouTube Premium and Netflix. While these services offer vast and critically acclaimed entertainment, each service generally comes with a monthly (or yearly) fee.  

If you wish you could stream TV shows or movies at no cost, you are in luck. Many lesser-known streaming apps offer enter­tainment for free. These streaming apps can be used on most smart TVs, mobile devices, streaming players or gaming consoles. They may include advertising, which is why they are free!  

Here are six free streaming apps to check out:
  1. Sony Crackle – Featuring original content as well as movies and TV shows from Sony, this app has an easy-to-use interface and a good search option. No login is required, and all movies have captions available. 
  1. Tubi  The service features a broad selection of TV shows and movies organized by genre. It offers the ability to forward or rewind shows in 15-second intervals, and a landscape mode is available for better viewing experience. 
  1. Popcornfilx – This app features a movie queue (like Netflix) without a login. It includes original content and horror movies, and there is a separate app for kids. 
  1. SnagFilms – If classic movies and documentaries are your go to, this is the app for you. It also has fewer in-video ads and gives viewers the option to share films over social media. 
  1. Yidio – Different than the other apps listed here, Yidio helps viewers locate free movies on other streaming services. You can filter your search to only include movies on apps you already have. 
  1. Pluto TV – This app lets viewers watch live TV and movies for free, as well as stream movies on-demand. With a TV guide-like look, you can scroll through hundreds of channels of news, comedy and sports. 

Golden West broadband internet service allows for streaming these types of services. For multiple users, upgrading to a faster internet speed (where available) may improve the online experience.  

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