How to Maximize Your Home Wi-Fi Network

How to Maximize Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Like all internet service providers throughout the nation, Golden West continues to experience an ever-increasing surge in internet traffic.

“Every provider is having to sustain a level of traffic that is unprecedented in the history of the internet,” said Golden West Director of Engineering and Operations Nick Rogness. “Traffic patterns for the past 10 years were very predictable. Prior to this event, I could tell you what happens around every Thanksgiving and every winter storm. Now it’s changing weekly.”

While Golden West always closely monitors the situation, Golden West’s network continues to meet the demands of its customers. If speeds seem slow, it could be the Wi-Fi connection.

Wi-Fi Concerns

With more people working and learning from home, the home Wi-Fi network is also being taxed. The number of Wi-Fi users can impact performance, and so can the placement of the router and the ages of the devices used.

“The majority of the speed issues for Golden West end up related to Wi-Fi limitations,” Rogness said.

For example, one outdated device on the network can downgrade Wi-Fi performance for all other devices. That’s because older devices often operate on the outdated 2.4Ghz wireless frequency, and they can take the whole network down to that level. The newer 5Ghz frequency – which is different than 5th generation cellular service – offers more capacity and less interference.

“Where you position things in your house is also extremely important,” Rogness said. “Whenever possible, we recommend placing the Wi-Fi router in the middle of the house or near most connected devices and away from environmental factors, such as metal materials.”

Here are some additional tips for maximizing a home Wi-Fi network:
  • Unplug the Unused – Unplug or disconnect any unused devices. Many connected devices continue to use bandwidth even when they’re turned off.
  • Upgrade When Possible – Whether it’s approving a software update or purchasing a new tablet, upgrades are designed to improve device performance and user experience. Be sure new purchases will operate on the 5Ghz frequency.
  • Plug-In – Wired internet connections may not be as convenient as Wi-Fi, but plugging a laptop into the router (via Ethernet cable) will provide the best connection available to the home.
  • Take Turns Online – Spacing out the users and devices connected to the home network can help improve connection quality.

Golden West includes a router in the monthly cost for broadband internet service. This ensures consistency and helps with troubleshooting. If speed continues to be an issue, be sure to contact the Golden West Help Desk anytime at 1-855-888-7777.

Information and sourcing for this article courtesy of Time.


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