How this century-old business helps build the future

How this century-old business helps build the future

Before Golden West was stringing wire between fenceposts west of the river in 1916, Dell Rapids Lumber provided lumber for fenceposts on the other side of the state. Since it began in 1901, the company has helped build many projects that combine to make a lasting legacy. 

“Being able to provide essential products from our business for Dell Rapids and the area is why I get up in the morning,” says Doug Hainje, general manager of Dell Rapids Lumber. “They’re why I’m still here. I get such a kick out of seeing people’s projects completed and seeing how happy they are with them.”

Dell Rapids Lumber has been in operation since the early beginnings of the town – and Doug is making sure people know they are here for the future too. Recently, Dell Rapids Lumber helped develop dozens of lots for residents in Dell Rapids, which will become new homes down the road.

Small-town living

Doug Hainje joined Dell Rapids Lumber in 1975 and now has eight full-time employees. Doug and his team have been able to assist countless people with their projects. As a result, the team has come to know their community well. 

“We’re really fortunate to have the businesses that we have in town and provide what we can in town,” says Doug. “We know a lot of businesspeople. So, the people that come in the door, we get to know them, their name, and their story.” 

The people that help run the town of Dell Rapids could even be neighbors or old friends. Doug says the ability to easily connect with people in the Chamber of Commerce or the City Council is one of the best parts of living in a rural community.

Golden West team members are part of the many customers that walk through the door. Dell Rapids Lumber was previously located right next to the Golden West office. 

“We know the people that work at Golden West. Actually, some of them are in my cell phone contacts!” Doug says. “They come in the door, and if they need something, we provide it for them, and it’s the same way for us with Golden West.” 

A new location

When Dell Rapids Lumber decided to move their location to the north side of town, the transition meant business had to close on Friday and open on Monday.  

Doug says after the end of that long weekend, they were in good shape to continue with business as usual. When spring turns into summer, his team will be going full speed for every customer excited to start their projects in warm weather.

Great service

Each day, the team at Dell Rapids Lumber uses their Golden West service to communicate with customers and fulfill deliveries, estimates, and quotes.  

“Everything we do here goes through online. We basically can’t function without Golden West internet,” says Doug. “They do a great job for us.” 

Reliable service and quality connections allow Doug’s business to run smoothly. And with help from Golden West, Dell Rapids Lumber can keep providing supplies including fenceposts to pave the way for the community’s future.


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