It’s Cool to be a Co-op Member

October is Cooperative Month

October is National Co-op Month. Cooperatives play a vital role in the local economy. They provide jobs, promote local spending, and invest in the communities they serve through donations, grants, and scholarships.

As a Golden West co-op member, you have an ownership stake in the organization. You help elect a board of directors and decide on the fate of strategic initiatives, giving you control and influence over how the business is run. And your investment is returned in the form of capital credit allocations.

Congratulations to our Cooperative Month giveaway winners!

Yeti Tundra 35 Winner – Mark Smedsrud
Tumbler  – Keith Schettler
Tumbler  – Kristi Lewis
Tumbler – Barb Thaler
Tumbler  – Shana Jurgens
Tumbler – Brandy Osborn

Winners will be contacted via email with details regarding their prize.

Thank you for being a Golden West member!



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