Help is hiding in plain sight with these easy internet tools

Help is hiding in plain sight
with these easy internet tools

Web browser extensions are often overlooked but using them effectively can save you time and money! Here’s how they can enhance or simplify your online experience. 

But first, what exactly are extensions or even browsers for that matter? 

Think of extensions as free tools that add features to your browser, which is the program you use to navigate or browse the internet, such as Google Chrome. Every browser has a store where you can add new extensions and see exactly what functionality they add. 

Click on the browser you use to be directed to the correct store: 

On each of these browser stores, you can find ways to simplify your life, save money, or make your browser more accessible. Here are some of the popular ways extensions can help you:

  • Save money – Coupon code extensions add a pop-up whenever you are shopping online to search for recently used coupon codes, saving you money for free! Some examples of popular extensions include Honey, Capital One Shopping, and Cently, by CouponFollow. 
  • Browse safely – There are plenty of ad blockers available that can prevent websites from giving you pesky pop-ups. This decreases the risk of accidentally clicking on fishy links. AdBlock and AdGuard are a couple of popular extensions to help mitigate suspicious ads. 
  • Prevent headaches – For both metaphorical and actual headaches, there are plenty of extensions to put your mind at ease. Some extensions organize your tabs while others can change your browser to a darker color that is easier on your eyes. A couple common extensions that help with harsh light are Dark Reader and Dark Theme.
  • Check your writing – Some extensions can provide additional assistance while you write emails and make sure you aren’t missing any information you meant to include. If you already have a sign-in, you can use Grammarly and Microsoft Editor extensions for built-in assistance. 

To download any of the individual extensions, simply click on the extension, download it, and turn it on in your extension menu next to the search bar. 

Extensions still not making sense? Click here for a step-by-step guide by PC Magazine on web browser extensions and how to add or remove them from your browser. 

Many of these free extensions help make browsing the internet cheaper and safer. For even more security and control across your network, consider upgrading to Ultimate Wi-Fi.  

Golden West also offers device-specific protection. VIPRE Advanced Security is available at no charge to customers who bundle internet with another service or at a small monthly cost for those who subscribe to internet service alone. 

Golden West does not endorse any product or service it does not sell. 


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