Online education resources for lifelong learning

Online education resources
for lifelong learning

Page-turners and typewriters tap-tap-tapping away at night aren’t too hard to imagine for many adults – especially when that’s what school meant for some. In an age of information, education has moved from paper and typewriters to the internet.  

The online transition has meant many resources are available for learners of all ages to continue growing in their areas of interest. These options can be accessed in just a few clicks anywhere you have an internet connection: 

  1. OpenMIT is a website from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology that contains reading materials and lectures for courses that have been recorded and uploaded for free online. One search for any array of topics often yields hundreds of results. From there you can download lectures, syllabi, and find course reading materials. 
  2. Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is part of the University of South Dakota and allows people above 50 to continue learning at an affordable price. There are a lot of classes available right from your computer for a tenth of the cost of many college courses. 
  3. TED-Ed is another online resource available for learners of all ages that explores all sorts of questions. Explore history, art, math, and riddles in bite-size pieces or in collections. 
  4. EdX is a collaborative effort between businesses and universities across the world. This website offers courses from Word and Excel to English grammar, and everything in between. Enrolling in classes with a university flair is just a click away. 
  5. Community education classes might also be offered in your area! With many universities and community centers across the state, even a quick search can locate nearby community education courses. 

While the landscape of learning has certainly changed over time, new technology makes it easier than ever. Opportunity is in high supply for anyone wanting to involve themselves in the learning process. 

Staying involved also stretches your brain to keep it healthy. Research shows that just like yoga helps your body stay agile, lifelong learning can keep your mind flexible. Finding resources to learn might seem like a daunting task, but an online connection can make it convenient.

Sources: Symonds Research, OLLI – Golden West does not endorse any product or service it does not sell.



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