5 things that impact Wi-Fi speed and connection

5 things that impact Wi-Fi speed and connection

In today’s age, everything connects to the internet in some shape or form – from laptops and smartphones to TVs and baby monitors. It’s possible for speeds to vary by device, even on the same network.

There are multiple factors that can affect your Wi-Fi speed and quality, but Golden West is here to help. Here are five things that can impact your Wi-Fi speed and connection.

1. Older Hardware
Having an older computer, laptop, or mobile device with slower processors could be your problem. Even with newer products, it’s possible for older devices on a network to slow everything down. Make sure your hardware is updated, which will allow better Wi-Fi speed and quality.

2. Home Construction
Believe it or not, how your home is constructed can affect your Wi-Fi speed and connection. For example, concrete and brick walls block pathways of Wi-Fi signals, compared to drywall, which usually allows a good amount of signal through. Thick wooden doors, steel, water tanks, water heaters, and fish tanks can also affect your speed. Ensure your router is in the middle of your home, not being blocked by anything that’ll slow down your Wi-Fi speed.

3. Outdated Software
Keep your operating system, applications, and your firmware updated on all devices. Approve updates when prompted, or ideally, set updates to occur automatically. This will help improve your device speed and  performance and will also provide added online security.

4. Multiple Devices at Slower Speeds
In the evening when family members are all using the internet, speed is split among all connected devices. Golden West members subscribed to faster speeds shouldn’t notice a difference even with multiple devices online. Those who do notice a difference – and who are able to upgrade – may want to consider a faster speed package to handle your household demand.

5. Not Running Updated Security Software
If you haven’t been consistently running internet security software, it’s possible your devices may be infected by malware, which could slow your speed and connection. Ensure internet security software is installed and be careful when opening any attachments or random, pop-up ads. Golden West includes VIPRE Advanced Security for subscribers who bundle internet with another service, or it can be purchased for $4.95/month.




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